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  • Jennifer Horton

Mariah The Scientist Performs "Walked In" & "Aura" Live for Vevo DSCVR

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

It takes a seasoned music fan to identify the samples on Mariah the Scientist’s latest album, ‘Ry Ry’s World.’ Moments from the discographies of Justin Timberlake, Beach House, and the Isley Brothers are united on the Atlanta-based singer’s follow-up to 2019’s 'MASTER.' The former St. John’s biology student (hence, “the Scientist” part of her moniker), was open about the toxic relationship that formed the crux of ‘MASTER,’ which contained biting lines such as “When you lie to my face/And then you’ll say that 'Even Jesus forgave.'” Dissecting the crumbled affair, Mariah comes up with vivid storytelling and creative soundscapes. ‘Ry Ry’s World,’ her second full-length project, is the artistic residue of romantic defeat; those bloodied arrows in her “Aura” video serve as a metaphor for “fatal attraction." Special shout out to the singer and our DSCVR team for capturing the sensual magnetism of “Walked In.” That one really came to life in our studio. Meanwhile, “Aura” is a prime example of an artist perfectly comfortable with all eyes on her. It's easy to hear and see just how special she is.

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