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  • Jennifer Horton

Noisey Music By Vice Interview With Mariah The Scientist

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That rage manifests itself in Mariah the Scientist’s brooding and slightly twisted R&B. Her songs often find her dangerously in love, costumed as a modern-day femme fatale. If you make it out of her whimsical Tim Burton-esque soundscape alive, consider yourself lucky. On “Revenge,” the antagonizing closer on the 23-year-old’s latest project Ry Ry World, she sings, “Tell ‘em that in death we’ll meet again / Like it ain’t your blood that’s on my hands.” Her songs play out like episodes of Snapped, and although she swears she isn’t dramatic while she’s on the phone with me, her metaphors are hyperbolic enough for two lifetimes. Read the full interview HERE.

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